Prior to initiating flight training a U.S. Citizen must provide one of the following documents to prove proof of citizenship:

Valid U.S. Paspport

• U.S. Birth Certificate

A Resident Alien (Green Card Holder) is defined as a Permanent Resident of the U.S. but continues to be a citizen of another country.

Prior to initiating flight training a Resident Alien must provide the following:

• Valid U.S. Permanent Green Card

• Valid Passport

• TSA Clearance (See TSA section for details)
Palm Beach Helicopters is authorized to accept students who wish to utilize VA benefits.

Veterans must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate and at least an FAA Class II medical in order to enroll in courses listed in the PBH catalog. Veterans may download our printable school VA Catalog for the courses that are approved. Download Here

Please visit the Department of Veterans Affairs web site to download or file forms for educational benefits. Use form 22-1990 If you have NEVER applied for any education benefits. Use form 22-1995 Request for change or placement of schools if you have previously applied for and used education benefits of any kind.  The 22-1995 form should be signed by Palm Beach Helicopters. Our regional VA processing office is listed in the above school catalog.
Airmen Testing and Training DBA Palm Beach Helicopters  is authorized under Federal Law to enroll Non-Immigrant Alien (International) students into flight training classes.

An International Student is defined as an individual who is not a U.S. Citzen or U.S. resident Alien (Green Card). International students must receive TSA clearence and an M1 Visa prior to begining any flight training leading to an  FAA certificate regardless of the length of the course. Green Card holders must receive TSA clearence prior to begining flight training.
TSA Procedures
1.Go to the TSA web site

2. Create a new candidate account

3. Creat a new training request

4. Under Flight Training Details

State: Florida

Provider Name: Airmen Testing and Training Inc.
DBA Palm Beach Helicopters

Student ID: First and Last Name all as one word

Course ID: Initial (PPL01 or CPL01), Instrument (IFR01), or Airline Transport Pilot (ATP01)

Class Name: Category 3
Initial candidates select Single Engine Land (SEL)
Instrument and Airline Transport Pilot candidates select Instrument Rating (IR)

Aircraft Type: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, or Bell 206

Training Dates: Enter the initial date you would like to begin training. All TSA requests are valid for one year from date of final approval.

5. Once your application is submitted PBH will approve and you will receive an email from TSA regarding payment. 

Pay TSA the $130.00 application processing fee

6. Wait for fingerprinting instructions email

Locate an approved fingerprinting collection agency

Complete fingerprinting application and payment

Collection agency submitts fingerprints to TSA

7. You may begin the flight portion of training after we receive final approval to begin training from TSA. This process from start to finish may take up to 30 days.

SEVIS M1 Visa Procedures
1. Complete this enrollment form

2. Required Documents: Color copy of Passport, a second photo ID in color, and the last three months of bank statements or a certified letter from the bank showing enough funds for training and living expenses.

3. Submit enrollment form along with required documents and $500 I-20 processing fee to kim@palmbeachhelicopters.com

4. PBH will issue your I-20. A copy will be sent via email and an orginal via courrier.

5. After receiving I-20 pay the I-901 fee ($350) at htttps://www.fmjfee.com/

6. Make an appointment with the US Embassy or Conuslate in your country for an M-1 Visa interview. You must take the orginal I-20 and proof of I-901 fee payment with you to the interview.

We highly recommend you review the web site Study in the States to assist you with the visa process.

Period of stay: A student in M nonimmigrant status is admitted for a fixed time period, which is the period necessary to complete the course of study indicated on the Form I-20, plus practical training following completion of the course of study, plus an additional 30 days to depart the United States, but not to exceed a total period of one year. An M-1 student may be admitted for a period up to 30 days before the report date or start date of the course of study listed on the Form I-20. An M-1 student who fails to maintain a full course of study or otherwise fails to maintain status is not eligible for the additional 30-day period of stay.

You are required to pay the $500 enrollment I-20 fee prior to your I-20 being issued.
You may pay by credit card by completing the following form
or by using the buy now button.

We can finance your dreams! PBH offers a program unique to the industry with our in house financing. Rates and terms vary based on credit score and amount of loan. Larger loans have up to 10 year terms and rates typical of a federal student loan.
1. Complete credit application

2. Pay $50.00 non refundable application fee by credit card or in person by cash or check (fee will not be processed until application is reviewed by a Palm Beach Helicopters representative)

3. Complete enrollment form

4. Color copy of state ID

5. Submit all documents listed above to Kim Thakur via email, fax 561-304-1494, or mail 2615 Lantana Road Suite A Lantana, FL 33462

6. A Palm Beach Helicopters representative will contact you once documents are received.
NOTE: A 30% down payment is required for all courses
NOTE: Credit check required
NOTE: Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
A new program available from AOPA Certified partner MBNA America Bank, N.A. offers AOPA members flight training personal loans with repayment terms as long as five years. No collateral or down payment is required, and no annual fee is assessed. Loans may be used for any flight training expense, including aircraft rental, instruction fees, books and supplies, or any other goods or services needed to make flight training successful. For more information visit AOPA or contact MBNA Bank.
This loan is designed for part-time flight training (1-5 flight lessons per week). Maximum amount financed is limited only by the applicant's income, debts, and credit record. To apply online go to  www.pilotfinance.com.
Palm Beach Helicopters suggests you contact these organizations yourself to determine how to receive funding, terms of the loans, and interest rates. Please understand that they are loans between you and the private loan company and Palm Beach Helicopters is in no way responsible for any loan defaults.
Our five bedroom home offers a modern and comfortable place to stay while you complete your flight training and is only minutes (4 miles) away from PBH. Internet, cable TV, washer and dryer, fully equipped kitchen, and all utilities are included.

Each room is equipped for sharing and furnished with two twin XL beds.
Pricing for student housing is as follows:

Weekly Single Bed/Room Sharing: $200 (All Inclusive)
Weekly Single Bed/Private Room: $400 (All inclusive)

One week minimum charge.
Save money! Prepay for any of the following 141 approved courses and recive free housing as follows:
Private: 4 weeks
PPL Add On: 2 weeks
Instrument: 4 weeks
Commercial: 12 weeks
CPL Add On: 2 weeks
Flight Instructor: 2 weeks
Instrument Instructor: 1 week
Airline Transport Pilot: 2 weeks
NVG Initial: 1 week
External Load: 1 week
Pro Pilot: 15 weeks
Pro Pilot Plus:  20 weeks
Pro Pilot Supreme: 20 weeks
Pro Pilot Elite: 20 weeks
Note: This is a discount and does not reflect the actual length of any courses we offer.
The following PDF files are linked to www.robinsonheli.com and may be downloaded for free
Other Resources
All pilots should registered with IACRA in order to submit applications for pilot certificates including student pilots
All pilots must register and use this site to apply for FAA Medical
Foreign License Verification
Non US citizens who hold a foreign license and would like to convert to FAA license will need to obtain this verification letter
Q: Do I have to know how to fly airplanes before I can learn to fly a helicopter?

A: Absolutely not! This is a common misconception that a person has to start by flying airplanes first. In fact, if you are working towards a career as a Professional Helicopter Pilot, it would be more beneficial to fly only helicopters until you get your first job.
Q: Why is an Instrument Rating so important?

A: Right now, it is virtually impossible to be eligible for any helicopter flying job outside of primary flight instruction unless you are Instrument rated. Even in the area of flight instruction, which is typically a civilian starting point, the CFI with an Instrument rating or the CFII always has the competitive edge and will get job preference. The bottom line is that an Instrument rated pilot is a safer pilot. The insurance companies know it, the employers know it, and the FAA Statistics prove it.
Q: Who is eligible to get an FAA Pilot Certificate?

A: Currently a candidate must be able to read, speak and understand English. Additionally a candidate must be able to posses an FAA Medical Certificate and meet the following age requirements.
PPL age 17 CPL age 18 ATP age 23
Q: Does how much I weigh matter?

A: Not really as far as training goes however it matters greatly for employment opportunities. The majority of helicopter training nation wide takes place in the Robinson Helicopter which is most likely where your first job will be. In order to get a job the threshold is generally 200 lbs body weight and anything below that is a bonus for the perspective employer. During training you can get approval to train in a larger helicopter if you are over 220 lbs but again you would be lacking the experience necessary and the weight necessary in order to get employed in the smaller helicopter.
Q: How long will my training take?

A: This is entirely dependent on the course you are enrolled in.
Q: Will you give me a job when I am done?

A: We DO NOT guarantee anyone a job. It is impossible to hire everyone that graduates from PBH.  You should be skeptical of any company that promises you a job. Presently majority of our staff of Instructors is comprised of Veterans who have trained at PBH. You should consider yourself on an extended job interview from the moment you start training until the end of training. Our preference is always to hire someone that we have trained therefore if a position is available it is likely that you may be a possible CFI candidate.
Q: How often do you hire?

A: The flight Instructor position is usually a transient job that you do until you have the flight experience necessary to move up in your career which is usually at the 1000 hour flight time mark. A busy school like ours the instructors are getting this in as little as a year but certainly no more than two years so we are continually hiring.
Q: Why should I choose your school?

A: If you are the type of person who puts in as little effort as possible and only want to reach the minimum standard then you SHOULD NOT choose this school. We demand a lot from our students and strive for maximum standards. This is why we are only the third helicopter school in the nation to receive self examining authority from the FAA. This is due to our high standards and pass rates, which are difficult to achieve. We maintain and overhaul our fleet in house with our own mechanics, which allows us to address maintenance issues quickly and to the highest standards. Every course that we offer is FAA 141 approved.
Q: Will this cost me anything or will my GI bill education benefits pay for everything?

A: When using your benefits at a vocational school you will be required to pay for your private license and then you will be eligible to receive up to $15,497 per academic year for the balance of your training.
Q: Will I receive a housing allowance while in school

A: You would not normally receive a housing allowance while attending a vocational school.
Q: Do I need a visa to train?

A: Any non U.S. Citizen who does not hold a permanent residence card (Green Card) MUST be on an appropriate visa in order to train. In most cases this would be an M1 visa. You cannot obtain training toward any FAA certificate on a B1 toursit visa. Doing so would put both the school and you in legal jeporady.
Q: Can I work while I am in school?

A: You may not work in the US on an M1 Visa.
Q: I already have a pilots license in my country can I convert it to an FAA license?

A: If you hold a license of at least private or above you may be issued an FAA private based on your foregin license with no training or testing. If you want any higher FAA license you will need to train and test for anything higher than an FAA private.
Q: Will I be able to count any flight hours I already have toward the aeronautical experience requirments for my FAA license?

A: Yes, all of your previous flight time can count toward the experience requirments for each FAA license.
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