Welcome to Palm Beach Helicopters,
South Florida's premiere flight school
since 2001.
Welcome to Palm Beach Helicopters,
South Florida's premiere flight school since 2001.
Heli Harbor Project is LIve!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
FAA Part 141 Approved

FAA Self Examining Authority

Approved for Veterans

Authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students

Robinson Service Center

Palm Beach Helicopters was established in 2001 with a clear goal, to educate pilots to the highest level of professionalism and standards.  PBH instructors deliver an established regiment of aviation knowledge that is then transitioned into an actual flying experience. Instructors are available through all phases of flight training. Once a student passes all stages of written and practical flight exams, he or she will be well prepared to operate as a safe, knowledgeable, and skilled pilot. PBH's wide range of capabilities include a Robinson Service Center, technically advanced equipped aircraft, simulator training, and is one of the very few helicopter flight schools with examining authority. PBH can prepare your for a career in the helicopter industry in as little as nine months. Learn at your own pace, let our team put together a flexible training schedule that fits your lifestyle.  Students from all over the world have trained with PBH, some have furthered their existing flight career others started a new one.  Contact us today and see how PBH can make you the best pilot you can be.
Dan Crowe
Vice President
Kim Thakur
Chief Instructor
James Martin
Chief Instructor
David Saenz
Check Instructor
Oscar Villalvazo
Anthony Bono
Victor Novoa
Jarrett Arena
Sean Swanson
an Macomber
Robinson R22 Aspen MFD/PFD
Robinson R22
$345/Hour Dual VFR
$360/Hour Dual IFR
$295/Hour Solo
Robinson R44 Aspen MFD/PFD
Robinson R44
$575/Hour Dual VFR
$585/Hour Dual IFR
$800/Hour Dual NVG
$800/Hour Dual VRLL
$525/Hour Solo
Bell 206
Bell 206
$1400/Hour Dual VFR/IFR
$1600/Hour Dual NVG
$1600/Hour Dual VRLL
Fly Elite TH-22SM AATD
Fly Elite Simulator
$130/Hour Dual
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