Why PBH?

Welcome to Palm Beach Helicopters Training Academy where our MISSION is simple. Our MISSION is to produce the best trained and most professional helicopter pilots in the world, period! We RISE ABOVE the traditional flight schools by offering:

  • FAA Part 141 Approved!

  • Self Examining Authority Private, Instrument, Commercial, Commercial Added Category and Class.

  • Training programs which merge traditional training with state of the art technology and real world training scenarios that are administered by working Professional Helicopter Pilots.

  • World Class Location, State of the Art Facilities.

  • Programs designed to give the new pilot a competitive edge for that first job or enhance the skills of working Professional Pilots for that promotion or next job.

  • Safe and Reliable Aircraft which include the piston powered Robinson
    R22 & R44; or the turbine powered Bell 206 Jet Ranger.

Our Hallmark Programs fall into four categories:

  • Instruments Only Program – This program focuses on the Instrument Rating. Also offered is the Inadvertent IMC Survival for the VFR Pilot and the Instrument Refresher courses. PBH specializes in these programs utilizing our state of the art Learning Center, FAA Approved Helicopter Simulator and our staff with real world IFR experience.

  • Train the Trainer Program – This program focuses on the ratings of Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII), and the Flight Instructor Refresher Course.

  • Pro Pilot Programs - These programs focus on the ratings of Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, Turbine Helicopter Transitions and Recurrent courses, Aircraft Specific Training approved by most Insurance Companies and Professional Pilot Packages.

  • FAA  Examining Authority - Palm Beach Helicopters is one of only three helicopter schools in the country that holds self examining authority in our Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Commercial Added Category and Class 141 courses. A first time pass rate of 90% or greater is required to obtain this authority from the FAA. Students in these courses are issued their pilot certificates after completing the final stage check and do not require a practical exam.

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