These answers apply only to Veterans Using their GI BILL


Q: Will this cost me anything or will my GI bill education benefits pay for everything?

When using your benefits at a vocational school you will be required to pay for your private license and then you will receive up $12,000 per academic year for the balance of your training. When using your benefits through a private College Degree Program such as Charter College you will be required to pay for your private license and then you will receive up to $24,000 per academic year for the balance of your training. 

Q: Does how much I weigh Matter?

Not really as far as training goes however it matters greatly for employment opportunities. The majority of helicopter training nation wide takes place in the Robinson Helicopter which is most likely where your first job will be. In order to get a job the threshold is generally 200 lbs body weight and anything below that is a bonus for the perspective employer. During training you can get approval to train in a larger helicopter if you are over 220 lbs but again you would be lacking the experience necessary and the weight necessary in order to get employed in the smaller helicopter.

Q: How long will this take?

You should be enrolled as a full time student which means in addition to class room courses you will be flying 30 to  50 hours per semester. If you apply yourself and progress normally you can get done in 18 months.

Q: Will you give me a job when I am done?

We DO NOT PROMISE anyone a job. It is impossible to hire everyone that trains here and I would be skeptical of anyone who promises you a job. Presently our entire staff of Instructors is comprised of Veterans who have trained here and been through the program. You should consider yourself on an extended job interview from the moment you start training until the end of training. If everything went well and we had the position open our preference is always to hire someone that we trained.

Q: How often do you hire?

The flight Instructor position is usually a transient job that you do until you have the flight experience necessary to move up in your career which is usually at the 1000 hour flight time mark. A busy school like ours the instructors are getting this in as little as a year but certainly no more than two years so we are continually hiring.

Q: How much flight time will I get in training and what qualifications?

 You will receive about 210 hours of flight training which will include your private, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, flight instructor instrument.

Q: Why should I choose your school?

If you are the type of person who puts in as little effort as possible and only want to reach the minimum standard then you SHOULD NOT choose this school. We demand a lot from our students and strive for maximum standards. This is why we are only the third helicopter school in the nation to receive self examining authority from the FAA. This is due to our high standards and pass rates and is difficult to achieve. We maintain and overhaul our own aircraft in our own facility with our own mechanics which allows us to address maintenance issues quickly and to the highest standards. Every course that we have is FAA 141 approved.

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